Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eats-A-Date's Furry Friends

I've been wanting to write about this for some time now. This ain't about food though, but I do think this is something worth featuring..

In the travels which partner Frank and I have ventured so far, we noticed that I seem to be a dog magnet. Yeah! When dogs see me, they come to me and beg for attention and a good old pat on the head.
How can a cat lover like me be a dog magnet?

Let me show you some of the photos we've collected so far.....

Let's start of with Utoy - The family dog of Michelle's family who is Frank's bestestfriend! Her whole family (even Frank) was convinced that Utoy kinda sees me as "his girl!" LOL Our stay that time at the Kampo Berde was very memorable due to Utoy's unusual behavior while I was around!

soul mates?

Remember our El Nido trip in Apulit Island?

By the time we arrived at our 1st island hopping destination at the Isla Blanca, this cuteee just walked straight to us and kissed me over and over! I never felt scared the whole time, I didn't give out any vibrations of fear. Animals are very very sensitive to these things (vibrations). I felt it wanted much affection. Of course I had to give back the love so I gave my new furry friend huge hugs! It was really sweet!

it felt really odd but I loved it nonetheless

It didn't leave our side actually. It seemed to be very comfortable with us. The woman with me in the photo was also amazed on how the dog liked me a lot....


The next day when we had a side trip at the Flower Island, we also met 2 gentle giants..

I believe her name is Sophie!

here's another gentle dog but I forgot his name... he followed us as we were touring the island

In our recent trip to Baguio,

The resident pooch of my friend Bahaghari was very behave and somehow trained!

our National Artist's (Bencab) own dog also greeted and stayed beside us while we were dining.

And Butternut from the Vieux Chalet

The Hassig's family dog Butternut  even wagged his tail when I touched him!

I had this thought way way back in high school..... 
Funny how  people devote their lives and time to find life on another know what it's like to be out of earth and find aliens to communicate to ..... instead of understanding these creatures which we share the planet with. We look so far and above that we forget where we stand. We have been so busy that we have forgotten on how to be human and humane. Funny how our technology has been advancing to provide people with faster communication yet we grow further apart day by day. Sadly, many people are even cruel to them  =(   

These furry encounters are quite special to me. I feel very much appreciated and grateful when they happen. Animals sure know how to show love and appreciation...for the simple reason that their hearts are purer and have nothing to hide. They are way better in expressing their feelings as compared with people.

Just because they cannot talk doesn't mean they have no feelings. They have a very special kind of language which only a handful of people know. It is a language without using words but more on feelings.  A language from the very thing which we are made of but forget to recognize. And like all languages, we have to learn it and apply it every single day to get used to it....... and the language is called ..........


.... and until we decide to really learn and use it, we will never really figure things out!


  1. You're like a dog magnet! :D I love dogs too, but I've never experienced that many of dog encounters. I definitely agree that dogs deserve to be loved. They're very loyal and capable of loving humans. Hope people get to understand them more and to appreciate them.

  2. I own dogs. I have 7 dogs pero hindi ako dog magnet kasi takot ako sa stray dogs. But my partner kurt is such a dog magnet too. Everywhere we go stray dogs follow him. >.<

  3. This is a nice post. Glad you're meeting lots of new friends on your trips.

  4. I have 8 dogs and love this post. I think I even love you now, Mae. This made my day. :)

    1. My tita in Bacolod has eight dogs, four male and four female, with three of those adopted, including my dog that I left her. The female dogs always have puppies in a certain season and the puppies are always given away. Her record number of dogs is 12, just two decades ago. :D

  5. Cuuuuuute! All dogs, may it be with a pedigree breed or the local mongrels, deserve our utmost love and care. I've had several dogs until I moved to Manila for college. I miss them. :D

    1. buti nga dogs na lumalapit saken now, dati kse lagi ako hinahabol ng pabo at gansa!

    2. May pet din akong pabo at manok noon, in pairs. Ako yung naghahabol sa kanila. Hahaha! They always give us fresh eggs for my breakfast. Yum! Until they were turned to roast duck and lechon manok respectively. :D

  6. Butternut is my favorite! I miss having pets, but condo living isn't so conducive for animals.

    1. awwww! panalo yang si butnut! mr personality kahit once in a blue moon lang maligo!

  7. hahahhaha Mae, you're officially a dog magnet, maybe you should adopt one?! :D
    aaaww. i love people who have soft spots for animals. It just shows that they know how to care and love :)

    1. bwahahah feeling ko kse baka amoy aso din ko kaya ganun ahihiih



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