Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seriously? - Reflections of a Freakin' Creative

It was yet another scorching hot day in Manila. I don't even wanna know the exact temperature. My friend Mike was nice enough to accompany me to a shoot this afternoon. It was a sort of Head Shot CLinic for the FB timeline, a project of the prominent celebrity photographer Niccolo Cosme. I'm not really into fashion photography (I find it so fake hahahaha) yet still, I believe I would have to try things once a while. I just got curious about studio set-ups so I was more excited on what I can learn from the experience.

meet Star

When Mike and I arrived at their studio, the people were so relaxed and very easy to approach. I'm really glad to meet those young photographers and I find them to be really cool.

I found it so funny to realize that it is also hard to pose in front of the cam. It made me love being a photographer more. Yeah, there is more creativity when holding the camera. Being a portrait photographer isn't easy. I won't tell you about my views about it coz I think it is very hard to explain. I have a quite complicated idea about portraiture. For me it holds a much deeper meaning.

After the quick shoot, Mike told me we should check out this Japanese-Vietnamese resto at the B-side Collective called Wabi-Sabi. 

Here's what we ordered..... the prices were really reasonable with only 300php as our total bill.

Thai Milk Tea


Bahn Mih

I enjoyed taking photos of those dishes we ordered. The food was nice. I can't wait to invite Frank and Badeth there. I bet they will appreciate it. I'm currently busy training my eyes on my new prime lens. Kick ass! I'm so proud of my progress and I noticed my shots hardly need post processing anymore. These food shots now had very very minimal adjustment. I remember increasing only a little contrast.
By the time Frank gets his own prime (which I'm sure he will love), I'm sure he'll kick my ass big time! ahihiihhi

After eating at Wa-Sabi, I met up with my friend Joan for some catching up. We went to Shangri-la and had some dessert at Secret Recipe. ...

Cappuccino Cheesecake


I find nothing special about Secret Recipe. I honestly didn't like the cheesecake... it would have been better if served more chilled/frozen. The fries were also not as fresh and hot when it was served. If Frank were there, I'm sure he would say the same.

We felt like drinking a bottle for the road so we went to the Krocodille  Grille for some booze and sisig.

decent Sisig

we only had 1 bottle each

And because I always reflect about the things which happen to me, of course I had another set of realizations. A while ago, a friend of mine told me he noticed I was getting more and more serious about my photos. I was stunned! Seriously? I never really thought of it that way for my mindset has always been on how to improve,have fun and not about getting too serious. When you are truly passionate about something, it will come out naturally, you don't even have to remind yourself to practice for it will be a natural desire for you to do it because it makes you ALIVE. My camera is the extension of me. NO matter how many people suggest I upgrade, nah...... I'd like to maximize it more and challenge myself more. IT is through hard work and utilizing what you have, that makes a person stand out. In my case, the less I have, the MORE I produce.

There are so many people out there joining the DSLR craze.... with their top of the line models and expensive lenses yet they produce such mediocre shots.... They may be well informed about the "rules" yet their frames are lifeless and empty... with scarecrow faces and all... ever  lacking something. Truly they don't have the slightest idea on what photography "really" is. Hey! I know I'm not an expert, but at least I know what I'm doing and WHY.

Seriously? Yeah, given the opportunity why not?  To earn from doing something you love sounds like a dream come true. I remember a saying that goes like, when you do the thing that makes you alive, you'll never have to work again in your life. I believe it's about following your heart's desire.

I love taking photos...I will never tire saying this again and again. Photography has taught me so much more than just technical skills on how to capture moments but also life lessons which strengthens the character more.  Perhaps the reason why I'm so into it is because of how it "means" to me. These very ideas are the ones which fuel this passion.

I know I'm one of those kick ass girls right now not because of my looks but because of the things I can do and my personality. I actually feel flattered when guys find me intimidating for usually, I get admirers because of the "angst" which I possess which I think guys find "attractive". Hmmmmm

 I guess guys do find confidence to be sexy... oh well, I'm just being myself.

I just know in my heart that I'm one of a kind. I know I possess things which cannot be taken away. 

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  1. Those are such awesome photos! Aww, I hope I get to be this good in the future ;3



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