Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Party #4 : Fancy Crepe Date with Badeth

It just gets better and better each year. I'm now convinced that 1 day isn't enough to celebrate my birthday with all the friends I have coming from many industries. I don't really throw grand parties whatsoever. I guess when you become older, you tend to go for simpler things. With me though, it has always been the simple things which I give value the most. I believe that this blog has changed me a lot, not just with the skills I learned, but most of all about how I view life in general.

These days, I'm slowly being convinced how mad I have become with photography. My life right now revolves around images. Everyday, I fall in-love more and more with the images I create. I think I'm becoming a real geek now!

This month, I just wanna spend time with the people who really matter to me and the plan is to go out and spend time with them... pretty much the same as always. I don't just remember people during special occasions....

Badeth of course has always been one of my very loyal friends. We're more of sisters actually. Honestly, though she's way younger than I am, I must say that I also learn a lot from her. I love hanging out with her. Having occasional girl bondings etc. She knows most of my friends from the music scene and she finds them to be crazy! LOL

This evening, we decided to check out this dessert place at Matahimik St. called Fancy Crepes. We thought it would just be a typical crepe cafe but it turns out to be really special.

Here's why.....

Each crepe is personalized! We were amazed when we saw our names on our plates! Good thing I always have Maggie with me!

We ordered crepe Suzette and Nutty Nutella

Badeth couldn't get over her lovely plate!

I love Crepe Suzette

I never thought this experience would be really nice.Got us so excited! Funny how that little gesture would make all the difference. It just goes to show how having a little "personal touch" makes even the simplest of things so precious. I love he "country" "homey" ambiance of the place. As you know I love wood a lot! I can't wait to invite my other friends over! I find it to be an ideal place to hang-out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Honestly, I don't really feel like growing old...I even feel younger and more alive day by day. I may have occasional shortcomings but good thing, I still manage to deal with them head-on....coz at the end of the day, I still know that things are gonna be for the good and that people with the best of intentions will always be rewarded from above. And really, I am sooooooo blessed so there is no reason for me to be sad.

*sigh* it's nice to be ALIVE at 32!
I may not be the type whose face could launch a thousand ships...  I may not have any poems or songs be written in my memory....these things, I won't really know for sure.  What's important to me perhaps is that I hold this firm belief that I'm one of those who are brave enough to dare LIVE.

...when I die, let this be etched on my tomb: The Girl Who Dared to LIVE!

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